The Mini Moke Song

I always consider my first “serious” album by a “serious” artist was Status Quo’s “Back to Back”, asked for and delivered by Father Christmas in 1983 when I was but  thirteen. However my musical education began long before this. In my pre-teens, growing up in the 70s, I remember a number of tunes that stick in my head to this today.

I inherited the album “Sing A Song of Motor Cars” by Jill Adamson & Mary Elaine from one of my brothers. It was a curious collection of songs about different cars including  Mini Moke SongBig Red Bus   and   The Thirsty Mini.  In trying to recall the songs recently, I remebered just the Mini Moke Song and had the impression it was by Pinky and Perky, those puppet forerunners of Basil Brush,Gordon the Gopher and Roland Rat. But on finding the songs again on Youtube, I was reminded with some hilarity about the track endings which were the artists talking speeded up. I remember how I loved the end of the Big Red Bus:

“a hissing noise, what was that? Now I know the tire is flat! <laughter ensues>”

I  had a 45rpm of the Pinky & Perky Track “Up, Up & Away”

Much of the music around me in these early days was classical because my father was  a huge fan of Beethoven, and my brothers both learned classical instruments: the piano and french horn. Indeed my brother is now  a classical music teacher and I remember keenly his hours of practice as a strong early influence on me.

My concessions to classical music came in the form of versions “rocked up” by Sky, and particularily the parts played by  John Williams:

Bach’s Toccata


Dance of The Faeries

March to the Scaffold

Sky’s sound led me eventually into the “serious music” of Mike Oldfield and also in part to discover Jeff Wayne’s War of The Worlds.

Other favourites were :

Carpenters On Top Of the World and

Apollo 100 Tamares

Abba “Eagle”

and I admit to an intoxication with ALW’s musical Jesus Christ Superstar! Rock Opera at its best!




3 responses to “The Mini Moke Song

  1. I had the single of the mini mike song. It was the other side of the Volkswagen song and it did sound like pinky and perky! I even remember the words… We’re not jokes we’re little mini makes, why does everybody laugh at us?” But none of the Vw one. Lovely bit of reminiscing, thank you!

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